Monday, June 17, 2013

The Healer's Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson

The Healer's Apprentice


Two Hearts. One Hope.

Rose has been appointed as a healer's apprentice at Hagenheim Castle, a rare opportunity for a woodcutter's daughter like her. While she often feels uneasy at the sight of blood, Rose is determined to prove herself capable. Failure will mean returning home to marry the aging bachelor her mother has chosen for her- a bloated, disgusting merchant who makes Rose feel ill.

When Lord Hamlin, the future duke, is injured, it is Rose who must tend to him. As she works to heal his wound, she begins to understand emotions she's never felt before and wonders if he feels the same. But falling in love is forbidden, as Lord Hamlin is betrothed to a mysterious young woman in hiding. As Rose's life spins toward confusion, she must take the first steps on a journey to discover her own destiny.

My Opinion:

This was the second book I read by Melanie Dickerson and even though I preferred the other one, The Merchant's Daughter, I still enjoyed this one very much.

It was definitely a fun read with the instant attraction between Rose and Wilhelm and them both trying to hide their feelings and failing miserably. I don't know why but I love the parts in stories when the Lady and or Maiden tends to the mans wounds. The scene can be made many different ways, it can be: Comical, awkward, cute, romantic, intense, cold...etc. In this case it was awkward, which is probably my favorite way for it to be written. I really got into the beginning of the book.

As it progressed I was a little upset. Things got to predictable. The characters internal thoughts gave away everything. I know it was supposed to add suspense, make me think of the 'What if's'. It just wasn't done the right way in my opinion.

It got better again at the end. I absolutely loved Wilhelm's reaction when him and Rose FINALLY got together. His reaction was priceless!

Overall, it was a good read and I would recommend it to anyone who likes retellings of princess stories/fairy tales, Medieval Times, and subtle romance all mixed in with the power of Christ.

Rating: 4 Stars


  1. "The Merchant's Daughter" has been my favorite so far out of Melanie Dickerson's book, but this one was good too. The scene where they were together at the end was sweet.

  2. Stopping by from Goodreads...liked your review of this story. I have not read this one but have read this author before. thanks for sharing..
    Paula O
    check mine if you would like, I review too

    1. Thanks for following Paula! I hope you like future reviews or anything else going on:)

  3. I can see that I need to read this book as well as "The Merchant's Daughter". I've been wanting to, just haven't gotten to them... yet.

    1. Yes! You have to read them:) I think you would enjoy them.