My Ratings

On other book blogs I have viewed I have noticed that they have a page explaining their ratings. I thought it was a good idea and decided to make one of my own. Hope this helps out!

My Ratings are 1-5 stars, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

5- I absolutely loved the book, it could not get any better in my opinion. Automatically one I would recommend to people.

4- Great book with a great story. Only a couple dislikes whether it be the way it was written or actual things in the story.

3- Okay read, not the best not the worst. Some times I might have quite a bit to say. Other times I might just be like, "Ehhh, *Shrugs Shoulders*".

2- Struggled with reading the book. I try really hard to finish every book I pick up, their are only a couple I just can't get myself to finish. So, if the book gets 2 stars it means that it was difficult for me to finish the book and I didn't enjoy it very much at all.

1- I could not get myself to finish the book. Either the writing completely sucked or a whole bunch of stuff happened in the story that I either found cheesy, fake, or just did not agree with at all.

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