Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Heart Revealed by Julie Lessman

A Heart Revealed


Ten years ago, Emma Malloy fled Dublin for Boston as a battered woman, escaping the husband who scarred her beautiful face. The physical and emotional wounds have faded with time, and her life is finally full of purpose and free from the pain of her past. But when she falls for her friend Charity's handsome and charming brother, Sean O'Connor, fear and shame threaten to destroy her. Could Sean and Emma ever have a future together? Or is Emma doomed to live out the rest of her life denying the only true love she's ever known?
Filled with intense passion and longing, deception and revelation, "A Heart Revealed" will hold readers in its grip until the very last page.

My Opinion:

WOW! What a GREAT read! I absolutely loved this book!

I knew I loved both Sean and Emma from the Daughters of Boston series and when I found out that their was a book just about them I had to read it. I'm SO glad I did too:)

After reading the books from the Daughters of Boston series and A Hope Undaunted from this series, Winds of Change, I knew that both Sean and Emma were going to have upseting pasts like everyone else in the O'Connor family. Emma's life was very emotional for me though. More so than anyone else from the other books. I wanted to cry for her and mourn her loses with her. Eventhough she is a fictional character I felt like I was right their next to her and she was telling me her story.

Same with Sean, he also has a heart wrenching past. Sometimes when I would learn something new about either of them I would want to throw the book across the room. I would be thinking, "Can it get ANY worse???" And sure enough, it would. But I have said it before, and I will say it again. I love books that make me emotionally respond to their writing whether good or bad. And trust me, these books make the very best and worse sides of me show.;)

If someone asked me to put all the books from the Daughters of Boston series and Winds of Change series in order of which ones I liked best I couldn't do it. I love all the books! This one would probably be high on the list though.:)

I would recommend that only older teens and adults read these books because their is adult content.

Rating: 5 Stars


  1. Isne't it amazing how often we look at a book cover and know that we want to read the book. I was going to add this book to my wish list, but it was already there. Your review wants me to read it even more!
    Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way!

    1. Your welcome, and thanks for visiting mine as well:)
      I'm glad you liked the review.