Friday, June 28, 2013

Fancy Friday- Two Weeks Notice


Plot Summary:

A woman finds herself attempting to foil one office romance while debating if she should take a chance on another in this romantic comedy. Lucy Kelston (Sandra Bullock) is a top-flight attorney who has risen to the position of Chief Legal Counsel for one of New York's leading commercial real estate firms, the Wade Corporation. However, Lucy's job has one significant drawback -- George Wade (Hugh Grant), the eccentric and remarkably self-centered head of the firm. George seems entirely incapable of making a decision without Lucy's advice, whether it actually involves a legal matter or not, and while she's fond of George, being at his beck and call 24 hours a day has brought her to the end of her rope. In a moment of anger, Lucy gives her two weeks notice, and George reluctantly accepts, under one condition -- Lucy has to hire her own replacement. After extensive research, Lucy picks June Carter (Alicia Witt), a Harvard Law graduate determined to make a career for herself.

Rating: PG-13 for sexual comments/innuendos and partial nudity.




Why do I share this movie?

My family has a pretty big pick of DVD movies to watch. The problem is... I've seen them ALL so MANY times! The other day I was looking trough them because their was nothing on TV I wanted to watch, (Most things on TV aren't good anymore anyway). I probably stared at our movie collection for 5-10 minutes, but I just didn't feel like watching anything we have. SO, I decided to go upstairs to our little VHS movie stash and I found this, Two Weeks Notice. I didn't remember ever seeing it before so I decided to watch it. It was HILARIOUS! Not to mention I love Sandra Bullock and I have seen Hugh Grant in a few things too that I have liked. The ending was cute and funny. I didn't know whether to laugh or to say, "AWH!" I know many people have probably seen it for it is definitely not a new movie. It came out when I was 6, but I just thought I would share this.

My Rating: 5 Stars

Funny thing that's related to the VHS:

My little sister made me and my older sister feel old not to long ago. How? Well, she couldn't figure out how to put a VHS in the VHS player. She asked my older sister which way it went in and then asked why when she held it to the player, the player didn't suck it in.
SHE'S going on 14! She should know how one works. Gotta love her.

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