My Artwork

I enjoy drawing and I thought that I would share some things I have drawn. My favorite things to draw are portraits. Hope you like my them!

These are not the best pictures... Sorry.

Painted Canvas- Superman

Canvas Painting- Iron Man

Painted Canvas of the Hulk. Looks better in person then in this picture.

Canvas Painting- Thor

Canvas Painting- Loki-

Painted Canvas- Sonic The HedgeHog

Painted Canvas- Captain America

                                                    Zayn Malik (One Direction)

                                                    Harry Styles (One Direction)

                                          Louis Tomlinson (One Direction)

                                                    Channing Tatum

                                                    Niall Horan (One Direction)

 Here are some other things I have done...
                                          This picture was displayed at my school.

                                          Art Assignment

And this is not really art, but I did this in Cosmetology class last semester.

I hope to continue to update this page as do more stuff! Thanks for visiting:)


  1. You really have a super talent! Really great likenesses!!!

  2. Great artwork, Salyna! I'm impressed.
    As for the hair styling... it's definitely a work of art! ;)

    1. Thanks, I haven't done much drawing lately and I'm not in Cosmo anymore so I just haven't been doing much of my other hobbies other than reading. My Mom has been getting on me about it saying I need to start doing them again.