Monday, February 25, 2013

Riona by Linda Windsor



Riona, a gentlewoman of faith, discovers that her plan to help the disadvantaged includes not only the plague orphans in her charge, but the arrogant, handsome adventurer who feels honor-bound to save her and her lands by marrying her -- with or without her consent.

 Lord Kieran of Gleannmara depends on nothing and no one save his wit and skill with steel, but soon a deadly twist of fate forces him to acknowledge his need not only for the lady Riona and her worrisome entourage, but for her Lord as well.

My Opinion:

I love Linda Windsor's books. I always like the messages she has in her novel's and how she presents them. The characters in Riona are great and so realistic; with Kieran being so bull-headed when it comes to his belief in God and Riona's love for Kieran but being repulsed for the longest time at the thought/mention of marrying him.

I thought it was funny how anytime Riona was nice to Kieran he took that as pretty much her consent for marriage, and then she would get all mad and frusterated with him again. However, for some reason I didn't get into the romance very much. Don't get me wrong, it has a lot of romance in it and it was good, it just wasn't my favorite.

Also, at the end of the book I got a little confused. I wasn't sure why when Leila was being healed Riona and Kieran couldn't see what was happening but everyone else could. All in all, it was an okay read.

Rating: 3 1/2 Stars

Monday, February 18, 2013

The Gladiator by Carla Capshaw


 He won his fame--and his freedom--in the gory pits of Rome's Colosseum. Yet the greatest challenge for once-legendary gladiator Caros Viriathos comes to him through a slave. "His" slave, the beautiful and mysterious Pelonia Valeria. Her secret brings danger to his household but offers Caros a love like he's never known....Should anyone learn she is a Christian, Pelonia will be executed. Her faith threatens not only herself, but her master. Can she convince a man who found fame through unforgiving brutality to show mercy? And when she's ultimately given the choice, will Pelonia choose freedom or the love of a gladiator?

My Opinion:

This book had me hooked  from the beginning! I absolutely loved the characters; Pelonia and her undying love for God and Caros with his struggle with faith but his undying devotion towards Pelonia. Pelonia knows she was sent to Caros for a reason, and that is to help build his relationship with God. However, no matter what she says to him about God he always shuts it out. Caros doesn't understand how God could forgive someone who has committed so many sins against him, many of them being killing his own people. Pelonia's struggle is falling in love with a man she can never have, because she has vowed that she will never marry anyone who does not share her faith.

 The romance in this book is great and I love how it plays a part in the conflict of the book. I also liked that Pelonia was not the only one playing a role in bringing Caros to Christ. They both meet more Christians through the story, most importantly Quintas, a man who Caros bought at the same time as Pelonia that befriends him. As Caros's relationship with Pelonia grows he desires to know more about her God, and instead of asking Pelonia questions, he seeks out Quintas to learn more.

The one thing I did not like about this book was how it was written. One minute you would be reading Pelonia's thoughts and feelings and next thing you know you're reading Caros's. Normally when I read a book their will always be a break before it switches between people, but in this books case it didn't always do that, which confused me sometimes and I would have to backtrack.

 Rating out of 5 stars (5 being the best): 5


Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Preachers Bride by Jody Hedlund

The Preacher's Bride


In 1650s England, a young Puritan maiden is on a mission to save the baby of her newly widowed preacher--whether her assistance is wanted or not. Always ready to help those in need, Elizabeth ignores John's protests of her aid. She's even willing to risk her lone marriage prospect to help the little family.
Yet Elizabeth's new role as nanny takes a dangerous turn when John's boldness from the pulpit makes him a target of political and religious leaders. As the preacher's enemies become desperate to silence him, they draw Elizabeth into a deadly web of deception. Finding herself in more danger than she ever bargained for, she's more determined than ever to save the child--and man--she's come to love.

My Opinion:  

  This book had me hooked from the beginning! When I started it I only planned on reading a couple chapters, and next thing I know I am over half way done with the book.

Elizabeth Whitbread has a kind heart, she's always going out of her way for others. Even though she may make enemies along the way she does not let that get in the way of worshipping the God she loves and serving others.

John Costin is a Tinker that has started preaching on the side. He loves his family but ends up depressed and at the end of his rope when his wife dies. Now he has to figure out how to take care of his four children, one being blind, while continuing his preaching. However, he has no desire to hire a women to work at his house.

When Elizabeth Whitbread finally starts working for John Costin they both earn eachothers trust, and along the way eachothers love.

John struggles to keep his family and Elizabeth safe when people start threatening them because of his preaching. However, he knows it's not the will of God for him to give it up.

This book tells about the struggles life will throw at you bacause of holding on to your faith, but to be thankfull for the struggles because they are really blessings in disguise. For if God gave you everything you wanted would you truly love him for him, or the gifts he gives you? The obstacles are what test your love for him by seeing if you withstand the troubles and love him through the pain.

Isaiah 41:10

New International Version (NIV)

10- So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

This is a verse that I kept thinking about while reading this book. It is also one of my favorite verses.

5 Stars for this book!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Surrender the Heart *Surrender to Destiny Series*


 On the brink of the War of 1812, Marianne Denton must marry to unlock her inheritance. Without the money, her mother can't receive medical care and her sister will be destitute. But Noah Brenin needs to sail his cargo to England before the war commences in order to prove his worth to his father and make enough money so he won't have to marry at all.

Defying his father's wishes, Noah loathes the idea of marrying a woman he finds plain and pompous. Marianne wants nothing to do with the rogue who taunted her as a child, yet she must convince him otherwise or her mother will die.

But when Noah walks out on their engagement party, Marianne chases him down and ends up on his merchantman out at sea. The situation worsens when Noah's ship encounters a British man-of-war and the couple are impressed into the British navy. While a young lad's prophecy of destiny looms over them both, Marianne and Noah are forced to face their darkest fears as they desperately try to find a way to escape and fulfill their destinies-destinies that could change the course of the war and history forever. 

(Description from:

My Opinion: 

This book took me a little while longer to finish than most books have been taking me. I really enjoyed it, I just didn't get hooked as fast as I normally do. 

I really liked how the main characters did not get along in the begging. When I was reading it I was like, "I know something you guys don't know! Oh, the Irony! The two childhood enemies become the love struck adults!" I got to read about them gaining respect for each other and eventually that building into a relationship. Therefore, once the fighting and arguing about their differences was over, the romance came into play. Noah realized the plain childhood snob he once knew was no more, and in her place was a beautiful, grown angel. Marianne realized the annoying childhood rebel she once knew was now a handsome, mature man.

I also loved how they both started believing in Christ again. Brenin had to give up past regrets and move on knowing God had a reason for them. Marianne had to forget about past hurts in her life and start trusting again- mainly in God. Through the voyage that turned into a nightmare for the both of them, they learn these lessons from the struggles they are put in and the people they meet.

The only disappointments I have are you never find out what happened to Marianne's mother or sister. Of course I infer that they are okay and that she sees them again, but I wish the book would have said. Also, I feel like the little boy Daniel was too smart. He spoke to maturely for his age, not only in the subjects he talked about, but also in the grammar/words he used. That part just wasn't realistic for me. Over all good book though!

Rating out of 5 stars (5 being the highest): 4

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Love's Reckoning by Laura Frantz


On a bitter December day in 1785, Silas Ballantyne arrives at the door of master blacksmith Liege Lee in York, Pennsylvania. Just months from becoming a master blacksmith himself, Silas is determined to finish his apprenticeship and move west. But Liege soon discovers that Silas is a prodigious worker and craftsman and endeavors to keep him in York. Silas becomes interested in both of Liege's daughters, the gentle and faith-filled Eden and the clever and high-spirited Elspeth. When he chooses one, will the other's jealousy destroy their love?
In this sweeping family saga set in western Pennsylvania, one man's choices in love and work, in friends and enemies, set the stage for generations to come. "Love's Reckoning" is the first entry in The Ballantyne Legacy, a rich, multi-layered historical quartet from talented writer Laura Frantz, beginning in the late 1700s and following the Ballantyne family through the end of the Civil War.

(Description from

My Opinion: 

Where to begin! This book, at least  for me, was a whirlwind of emotions: Happy, sad, frustrated, hurt, joyful, depressed, and infuriated just to name a few...

The beginning of the book went slow for me, but then all of a sudden it picked up pace and ran. The situation with the two sisters was very interesting even though that was the cause of most of my frustration. I could never treat, or for that fact see myself, treating my sister the same way Elspeth treated Eden. Around the middle of the book was where I was so happy, everything was going the way I wanted it to. Until all the sudden everything comes crashing down because of one person's actions. Something unexpected occurs and makes everything take a U-Turn for the worst.  By that time I didn't know what to think, I just couldn't get to the end of the book fast enough.

Of course their was a happy ending to the story! And it was a really good/romantic ending. However, I feel like it could of been lengthened a little bit more. I felt like everything had just wrapped up within a chapter or two.

Overall, good book and I would encourage people to read it. But if you're sensitive like me be warned that you might want to tear the pages at some points and cry at others.

Rating out of 5 (5 being the highest): 4

Saturday, February 2, 2013

To Win Her Heart by Karen Witemeyer



Having completed his sentence for the unintentional crime that derailed his youthful plans for fame and fortune, Levi Grant looks to start over in the town of Spencer, Texas. Spencer needs a blacksmith, a trade he learned at his father's knee, and he needs a place where no one knows his past. But small towns leave little room for secrets...

Eden Spencer has sworn off men, choosing instead to devote her time to the lending library she runs. When a mountain-sized stranger walks through her door and asks to borrow a book, she steels herself against the attraction he provokes. His halting speech and hesitant manner leave her doubting his intelligence. Yet as the mysteries of the town's new blacksmith unfold, Eden discovers hidden depths in him that tempt her heart.

Levi's renewed commitment to his faith leads Eden to believe she's finally found a man of honor and integrity, a man worthy of her love. But when the truth about his prodigal past comes to light, can this tarnished hero find a way to win back the librarian's affections?

(Description from

My Opinion:

I really enjoyed reading this book! I loved the way the characters pasts play a role in their future decisions. Levi's past has put him in some bad situations, but through them he is blessed with an undying faith for the God he serves. Eden's past hurts have made it so she has a distrust in men.

I like the way Levi tells Eden about his past when they start to build a relationship and how it tests Eden's trust issues. However, I don't like how she's only mad at him for a few days. To me it's only a couple of chapters and then they are back together, so there wasn't much of a conflict there. But their is another conflict in the book that helps make up for it.

This book was a fast/enjoyable read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading christian romance. I would also recommend A Tailor Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer. It is another book by the same author that I read before starting this blog.

Rating out of 1-5 stars (5 being the best): 5

A Tailor Made Bride


Jericho "J.T." Tucker wants nothing to do with Coventry, Texas's new dressmaker. He's all too familiar with her kind--shallow women
more devoted to fashion than true beauty. Yet, except for her well-tailored clothing, this seamstress is not at all what he expected.
Hannah Richards is confounded by the man who runs the livery. The unsmiling fellow riles her with his arrogant assumptions and gruff
manner while at the same time stirring her heart with unexpected acts of kindness. Which side of Jericho Tucker reflects the real man?
When Hannah decides to help Jericho's sister catch a beau--leading to uproarious consequences for the whole town--will Jericho and Hannah find a way to bridge the gap between them?

(Description from