Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grave Consequences by Lisa Bergren

Grave Consequences (Grand Tour Series, #2) 


For Cora Kensington, the journey of a lifetime takes unexpected twists. And her future—her very life—depends on the decisions she’ll make at each crossroad. As her European tour with her newfound family takes her through Austria, France, and Italy, an unseen enemy trails close behind. Meanwhile, a forbidden love continues to claim her heart, putting everyone’s plans in danger. And as Cora stays one step ahead of it all, what might need the most protection is her own heart, torn between the dramatic pursuit of a dashing Frenchman and a man who has been quietly staking claim to her affections all along. Love has dangers all its own. She must escape the bonds of the past and discover the faith to make the right choices, as each one has grave consequences.

My Opinion: *Caution Spoilers*

Wow. Lisa Bergren never ceases to amaze me with her writing. She is by far one of my favorite authors and maybe even my number one favorite. When she writes a story she completely pulls me in to where I feel like I'm standing right next to the characters. She uses such vivid description for all the settings in the story that I literally feel like I'm looking upon Austria, London, Geneva, and other places visited in the book.

I feel so much emotion for both Cora and Will. When Cora's Father was forcing her to allow Pierre's advances all I wanted to do was jump through the book and punch her Dad in the face. I also felt horrible for Will because he had to watch Pierre with Cora time and time again when he couldn't do anything about it without losing her and his job in the process. I was so depressed with all the things going on in Will's life: His relationship with Cora, the responsibility of everybody in the group, the death of his uncle, and then the debt that was laid upon his shoulders. So many times I wanted to rip this book to shreds, but I like books that make me feel emotion whether it be good or bad.

Will and Cora's first kiss was so cute! The whole time up to that moment I was practically screaming in my head "DO IT ALREADY!" to Will. It was really sweet seeing him try to withstand the temptation to kiss her and tell her how he felt about her because he knew all the consequences his actions would lead to. Lisa Bergren is definitely a romantic and is great at putting it to work in her stories. In my opinion, out of all the books I have read this first kiss was probably one of the best. I don't know why, I just thought it was romantic.

I love how Cora is so determined not to let anything change her. She knows who she is and what she wants and she is willing to fight for it, which is a great character to have.

The cover of the book is beautiful, however the thing I don't like about it is the person on the cover for Will. It's not how I picture him at all, but I tend to picture every guy in a story like an Abercrombie model anyway. :)

I could go on and on about how great this book is but I think I'm gonna stop here. I hope this was enough information to help you decide on whether to read it or not. Thanks for reading and please visit my blog again soon!

Rating: 5 stars

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  1. If I had been drinking something while reading this, I would have spit it all over the screen at, "Abercrombie model". lol