Friday, March 15, 2013

Blue Moon by Linda Windsor

Blue Moon


Once in a Blue Moon, fame and fortune actually take a backseat to friendship and love.

Jeanne Madison has earned her PhD at 26 and secured funding to find and excavate a treasure-laden 18th century caravel off the Yucatan coast. Between her mentor and a handful of graduate students, years of study, and all the government cooperation a marine archaeologist could want, she'll find the "Luna Azul"--or Blue Moon--by hook or by crook. When a tight budget forces her to hire Captain Gabriel Avery and his rust-bucket, "Fallen Angel," the comely PhD's not sure it won't be the latter. The incorrigible skipper has the swarthy good looks of a Hollywood pirate and pushes every last one of Jeanne's buttons--even some she didn't know she had. His history of brawls, bullion, and well, romantic escapades may well sink the whole expedition. As the race for the "Luna Azul" treasure with an unscrupulous competitor gets heated, more than the fajitas start to sizzle. Soon Jeanne, the captain, and her crew must take a gigantic leap of faith, one that may salvage more than gold--perhaps even a hardened heart.

My Opinion:

I loved this series! They were great! Normally I am drawn more to historical fiction, but even though these were set in modern time they did talk a lot about Mexican traditions and history which really interested me. I learned a lot about Mexican culture in these and how to say new words in Spanish. I also was very proud of myself because I understood a lot of the Spanish in it because I have taken a couple classes. The Mexican culture, traditions and language have fascinated me for some time now, so these books were very easy reads for me.

The romance in this book was good, and I like how Linda Windsor ties Christian faith in with it. Dr. Jeanne Madison already had astounding faith in Christ, but Gabe Avery had fallen off the path some time ago. Which is Ironic because his ships name was The Fallen Angel. As their attraction to each other leads to more than just friendship, Avery discovers Gods love once again and is given the chance to have the life he once wanted and gave up on.

I hope my opinion on the book and the very short summary I gave will help you decide whether you want to read Blue Moon or not. Happy Reading:)

Rating: 5 stars

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