Friday, February 20, 2015

River of Time (Luca) Recast?

When the duty RAs are walking by a room and spot a beer can out of the corner of their eyes

Wait...... WHAT?????

That's right guys! So, earlier today I was sitting down with some of my family and we started watching a series on Netflix called The Tomorrow People. It only lasted like a season or two, but what I have seen so far is pretty interesting. 

Well, anyway. There is this guy on the show John. WHEN I SAW HIM I IMMEDIATELY THOUGHT LUCA! Yes, more so than my last pick Bradley James. Let me show you the difference. By the way, the new guys name is Luke Mitchell if you want to look him up! 

Bradley James, you are ridiculously attractive and noble and hysterical and strong and wise and loving and endearingly annoying. You and Angel Coulby have some serious chemistry. I'm kinda in love with your character, Arthur. Bye.  Luke Mitchell Actor Luke Mitchell attends The CW Network's New York 2013 Upfront Presentation at The London Hotel on May 16, 2013 in New Yor...
Before (Bradley James)                      After (Luke Mitchell)

So, obviously they look nothing alike, but after today Luke just strikes me as being able to pull off Luca better if the books were ever made into movies. He even looks more like the guy on the cover!

My favorite of the River of Time series so far (yes, I'm hoping for more)! <3 the cover!

He just has the look to him, here are some more pictures to prove my point if you are like me and need more of a visual.

Luke Mitchell, The Tomorrow People

Luke Mitchell from Home and Away :)

Luke Mitchell as John Young in The Tomorrow People, Season 1, Episode 4 - Kill or Be Killed

Luke Mitchell as John Young on the Tomorrow People

       I hope you all like the new Luca who will be on my Pinterest board. I will still keep the pictures of Bradley James on there for the people who like him, and because he is already dressed as a knight. I decided to share this with all of you because I get excited about casting characters and I change my mind on them all the time, but when my older sister finally agreed on something with me that had to do with the River of Time I just had to share!


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    1. Lol, thanks Lisa! I hope to one day have a bigger cast for you including Paratore, the two boys qho come in in Deluge, and Marcello's parents!