Saturday, July 19, 2014

Dakota Child by Linda Ford

Dakota Child


Trapped in a North Dakota blizzard, single mother Vivian Halliday's prayer for herself and her child is answered. Rescue comes in the seemingly terrifying form of Billy Black, the hulk of a man feared by all the townsfolk. Yet in the home he shares with his ailing mother, the handsome, gentle giant warms her baby's bottles and sings sweet lullabies that lull even Vivian to peaceful sleep. When the storm abates, will she still seek the life that led her back to the village?

My Opinion:

This was probably the best Love Inspired book I have read to date. The writing was done so well I felt like I was actually reading a full length novel. The conflict and solution were both very well thought out and played almost perfectly throughout the story. I loved the characters and their own individual quirks and personalities. I haven't yet read anything quite like this.

Some things I didn't like so much were how 'big' Billy was made out to be and how quickly the sub-plot was taken care of. The way Billy's size was made out to be made him sound like he was a FEE-FY-FO kind of giant. I would have to realistically think of how big someone could actually get, so I didn't picture him like the size of a fairy tale giant.

The sub plot had to do with some legal issues and how Vivian signed some papers that she shouldn't have. About a chapter after she addresses her concerns the problem is taken care of, even though it was made out to be an issue that I thought was going to take longer to solve.

Over all this was a really good read, specially for a smaller book with a short time to fit a story line into. With some minor flaws I still believe that this is a book worth reading.

Stars- 4


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