Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Rocky Coast Romance by Mia Ross

Rocky Coast Romance


 Journalist Bree Farrell heads to the village of Holiday Harbor to salvage her career. And walks straight into the arms of handsome young mayor Cooper Landry. Cooper's fighting to keep his sleepy Maine community from the clutches of big-city developers. And Bree knows it's a major scoop. But the longer she's in town, the more she's won over by the quirky townsfolk-and the charming Cooper. Will Bree ever follow her heart instead of a story and make Holiday Harbor her permanent byline?

My Opinion:

 I haven't read a Love Inspired book it awhile. To be honest, they aren't always my favorite. I feel like their is not enough time to build up a decent conflict and overcome it. I have been proved wrong in the past and some of these books do draw me in like a regular sized novel. However, this one didn't do it for me.

For one, the main conflict throughout the story was bigger than it should have been made out to be. I get why it was big to the character, but I don't understand why it effected everyone else so much. 

Most of the book seemed like I was just taking a sneak peek into everyone's daily life. Nothing exciting happened. These people and their small town were considered quirky, whereas I can see them being a little eccentric, it was nothing worse than we would see going to school or to the local Walmart. 

On the plus side, I loved the setting that the story took place in and I did like the characters, especially Sammy who you will find out about if you read the book.

Stars: 3

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