Friday, November 15, 2013

Fancy Friday- Snow White and Prince Charming

Snow White and Prince Charming are the main couple in the story. The Evil Queen is always trying to break them apart/kill Snow White for ruining her life in the past. The Evil Queen is always seeking revenge in anyway she can and is willing to go to any length to achieve Snow's demise, she goes so far as to send all Fairy-tale people/creatures alike to a new land; a land without magic- Earth. When they all get there their are only a few who still remember who they are, but they ALL live new/different lives. Will Snow White and Prince Charming find each other again? Will everyone end up remembering who they were and the land they came from?

Snow White aka Mary Margaret Blanchard

Once upon a time Snow White Mary Margaret makeup 

Before the Curse:

Snow has been a selfless person ever since she was very young. Her mother taught her to be that way, but sadly her mother dies when Snow is still a child. She is raised with her father the king and her step-mother. Things happen in her family that make it so she loses her position in the castle and is forced into the woods for safety. She becomes friends with dwarfs and eventually finds the love of her life that helps her win back her palace. 

After the Curse:

Mary Margaret has been a teacher and a volunteer at the hospital for as long as she can remember. Every time she volunteers she takes flowers to a patient John Doe. No one knows who he is and no one can remember when he showed up in Storybrooke. Mary is a kind woman who always puts others before herself. She is one of the town favorites.

Prince Charming aka David Nolan

Before the Curse:

David was raised up on a farm with his mother and had no idea he was a son of King George until someone comes to tell him that his twin has died and his father needs his other heir. David goes to help his father but has no desire to stay. King George forces David to be engaged to a princess so he can unite their kingdoms, but David wants to marry for love. He meets Snow White and after a lot of bickering they form a relationship. He gets out of his engagement and eventually marries Snow, but his father still wants his head.

After the Curse:

David is unconscious in a hospital for 28 years! Everyone knows him as 'John Doe'. Eventually he wakes up and finds out that he is married, but he can't remember a thing, even his wife. All he knows is that he feels connected to Mary in some way.

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