Friday, November 29, 2013

Fancy Friday- Rumplestilskin and Belle

                                      Beauty and the Beast

Rumplestilskin aka Mr. Gold

Before the Curse:

Rumplestilskin, has lived a life of torture. His father abandoned him as a child, and later his wife left him for a pirate because she thought he was a coward. Not only that, but she left their son, Baelfire, with him. Rumple struggles to be a good father, and to protect his boy he becomes the "Dark One", but with this new magic comes a price. He becomes power driven without realizing it, and loses his son because of the very thing he thought would keep them together. When he loses his son he becomes angry, he hurts other people because he no longer feels anything but pain himself... Until he meets Belle.

After the Curse:

Since Rumple was the "Dark One" he was a force to be reckoned with, even to Regina the "Evil Queen". He made it so he still had his memory after the curse that Regina cast.

 In Storybrooke he is known as Mr. Gold, a pawn salesman who who holds a lot of power in the community. Everyone in town is scared of him except the town mayor, Regina. Mr. Gold is still out for just plain old revenge because he believes Belle to be dead, but on top of that, he has a plan that could bring magic to Storybrooke. But is that a good or bad thing?

Belle aka ?Unknown?

Before the Curse:

Belle was a selfless person who gave up her kingdom and her freedom to become Rumples slave so her people would survive. At first, all they did was argue but then a friendship surfaced. Eventually feelings were shared for one another and Rumple let Belle go to town alone for him to run an errand. He expected her to take the opportunity to run away and be free, but Belle met someone along the road. Regina told Belle that true loves kiss would break the spell of Rumple being the "Dark One". Belle came back on a mission to save Rumple from himself, but when Rumple realized what she was trying he cast her away, along with his heart. Later, Regina came and told Rumple that Belle had died because her father cast her away as well because her reputation was ruined.

After the Curse:

Regina put Belle in what I believe to be, and correct me if I'm wrong, and Insane Asylum. She couldn't kill her because she thought she might need her for future use, but she had to keep Belle away from Mr. Gold. Regina never gave Belle a name for her life in Storybrooke because she hoped she would be in the Insane Asylum forever. However, Belle gets out and not knowing who she is she explores Storybrooke and finally meets the Mr. Gold.

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