Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Redemtion by M.L. Tyndall

The Redemption (Legacy of the King's Pirates, #1)
Lady Charlisse Bristol sets off on a voyage in search of a father she never knew, only to find herself shipwrecked on a desert island. Near starvation, she is rescued by a band of pirates and their fiercely handsome leader, Edmund Merrick. Will Clarisse win her struggle against the seductive lure of this pirate captain? While battling his attraction to this winsome lady, Edmund offers to help Charlisse on her quest-until he discovers her father is none other than Edward the Terror, the cruelest pirate on the Caribbean. Can Edmund win this lady's love while shielding her from his lecherous crew and working to bring her father to justice?

My Opinion:
This was a great book, I regret taking so long to read it. You know how you may start reading a book, but then NEVER have time to read it, so when you actually sit down to enjoy your book because it's been so long since you last picked it up, you sorda lose focus? I cannot be the only one that that happens to. I was entertained while reading this but I KNEW I would have loved it so much more if I read it faster. Some people say that they like to read a book slow so they can savor the story, kinda like we do with our food. However, it's the opposite for me... the faster I read it the more I think I get out of it.

This book was very fast paced, I know, ironic that I choose to say that right? But it's true! The story progressed well and I never lost track of where the characters were physically or emotionally. I felt that they both were easy to connect with, as well as the others characters like Charlisse's father. Even though he was Edward the Terror who frightened everyone who crossed his path, after I saw his inner turmoil, I may have not liked him, but I pitied him.

I liked the beginning of the book, it was something new that I hadn't read before. I actually wish that part had been lengthened more with Charlisse on the island. I liked how Charlisse and Merrick both got over their issues. Charlisse had some very mental issues that she had to overcome, and I hurt for her because she felt like she was such a wicked human being, even though she was the sweetest and wittiest I have read about in awhile.

Merrick, after overcoming his past, became the dream guy that all girls would swoon over and want to call theirs.

I definitely would recommend this book to all of you and I cannot wait to read the next in the series. :)

Stars: 5

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