Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Cowboy's Unexpected Family by Linda Ford

The Cowboy's Unexpected Family


Her dream—on her terms with her own business, Cassie Godfrey is finally self-sufficient. But her plans are interrupted by four young orphans—and one persistent cowboy. If she'll care for the children until their uncle claims them, Roper Jones will build Cassie's house. To her business mind, the proposal makes sense. To her independent spirit, it's a reminder of the commitments she's promised to avoid.

Roper can't help admiring Cassie's pluck, even if he's exasperated by her stubbornness. All he can offer Cassie is the love and acceptance she claims not to need. But dreams, like hearts, can change and grow in a land made for brave new beginnings.

My Opinion:

This book took me alittle while for a Love Inspired book. It was a good book with a good story, but I was not a fan of the way it was written. I feel like it was alittle choppy.

I really did like the story though. It was about learning how to love again without feeling like it's an obligation. Cassie struggled with this because of her past. She felt she couldn't accept anything from anybody without giving something in return, because she hated feeling like she owed something. In her opinion that was like being controled, which is something she never wanted to experience...

Untill she accepts a business agreement with Roper:)

Roper had a hard life growing up, and because of it he doesn't stay anywhere awhile because he feels unaccepted, like he doesn't belong. His motto is Don't lay down any roots, and so he moves on whenever and wherever he wants.

At first it is hard for Cassie to accept Ropers kindness because she feels he is giving more in the agreement than her. As time goes on Roper helps her see that it is okay to receive something as a gift without strings attached while he is learning that his past does not need to effect his choises in his future.

I thought it was a very enjoyable read with two lessons worth learning. People now days need to know that they are not chained by things they've done/had done to them in their pasts, and that they can change their futures if only they believe they can and see themselves through Gods eyes.

Rating: 4 Stars

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