Friday, December 6, 2013

Fancy Friday- Emma Swan and Neal? Or Emma Swan and Captain Hook? ***SPOILERS***

***SPOILERS*** Read at your own risk!!!

Ooooooooo... Tough choice! This Fancy Friday is going to be really hard to not give a lot away about the show. IF you really want to know a lot about these characters then continue to read! IF not, then just skip to the bottom and see if you can answer my question. :)

Emma Swan starts out as a mystery. She's not from Storybrooke, but she is connected to the people living there in a very important way.

Emma Swan

Before the Curse:

Prince Charming and Snow White had a baby and they called her Emma. When Regina made the curse, Emma, along with everyone else, was not safe. Prince Charming and Snow White decided to send Emma to a land without magic, that way, someday she could save everyone and restore magic!

After the Curse:

Emma grows up throughout the United States- always moving because she is in foster care. When she is 18 she grows up to be a thief and meets a guy named Neal, who is also a thief. They become partners, and close friends in crime. Eventually, their relationship grows into more and they make some mistakes. Emma becomes pregnant and on one of their crime deals Neal ditches her. She goes to jail for 11 months and never sees him again. Did Neal have a reason for what he did?

Emma knows she's not ready to be a mother, and puts her baby into the foster system. About 11 years later a boy comes to her apartment- claiming to be her son.

Baelfire aka Neal Cassidy

Before the Curse:

Neal's real name was Baelfire growing up, and his father was Rumplestilskin. He was from the other world. He was a boy of honesty and integrity, always wanting to do the right thing. He didn't like that his father had a reputation of being a killer, so he made a plan for him and his father to go somewhere else. Somewhere without magic where no one would know who his father was. His father finally agreed to leave, but when it came time to do so, chickened out. Baelfire ended up on Earth, without a dad. Many more things happen, but I won't go into detail. I will only say that something happened to him that changed exactly how he valued life.

After the Curse:

If you read what I wrote in his 'Before the Curse' you know that Neal has a very shady past. He ended up meeting Emma and they formed a relationship. He got her pregnant and planned on staying with her forever. But someone visited him and told him disturbing things about Emma's past that not even she knew. Something that pushed Neal away. He left her on one of their crime sprees, but he thought he had a reason- he thought he was protecting her.

Now, 11 years later. They are accidentally reunited through destined events, and Neal has NO plan to leave this time. He wants a new start, but will Emma give it to him?

Killian Jones aka Captain Hook

Before the Curse:

Killian Jones started as a soldier on a ship with his brother, the Captain. They were sent on a mission, by the King, to Neverland to find something that would help them defeat their country's enemies. While they were there, Killian's brother was killed almost instantly by what they were supposed to bring back. Killian was furious! Not only because his brother was dead, but because his King lied to them! The object was supposed to make the playing field even, not unfair for the other side.

Killian met Peter Pan who told him that there was a secret fountain that would save his brother, but all magic comes with a price- His brother could NEVER leave Neverland. Killian got water at the fountain for his brother and saved him, but he did not heed Peter Pans words. On their way back home, Killian's brother died a second time. 

Killian was furious at the crown, and now as Captain he petitioned the whole crew to rebel and become pirates- to live a life in defiance. In his new life, Killian met a woman named Milah and fell in love with her. However, she was already married. She left her first husband to go with him. About a year later, her husband found them and cut one of Killian's hand's off and killed Milah. Killian was heartbroken and in his NEW state he vowed to get revenge on Milah's first husband- Rumplestilskin. That is the day he took to being called his new name- Hook.

After the Curse:

Some people were not affected by the curse. Regina's mother, Cora figured out a spell that would shield a certain amount of land from the curse. Hook was allies with Cora at the time and therefore was protected by the curse. He did not end up in Storybrooke, and he did not lose his memories. He also never lost his desire for revenge.

28 years after the curse took affect, Hook and Cora find a way to Earth. While on his mission to find and kill Rumplestilskin, he met Emma. At first they are enemies, but then in a fight against Peter Pan they become reluctant allies. Hook begins to have feelings for Emma. However, their is one thing in the way- Neal, who is back in Emma's life.

Which one do you prefer?
Neal and Emma?

or Hook and Emma?

Leave a comment!

Which SHIP (team) are you? Personally, as of now, I want Neal and Emma together. I believe he deserves a second chance and he has shown no reason not to get one. Sure, I like Hook, but give Neal a second chance Emma! PLEASE!


  1. Wow, good job on explaining all of this, Salyna! It's a great show but i only watched the first season. I'm definitely voting for Emma and Neal.....they have a son together and hopefully can be a real family (I doubt the show would allow that but it's nice to consider).

    Hook's dangerous and I suspect he may have ulterior motives (other than revenge). On the one hand it wouldn't be a huge loss for Rumpelstiltskin to get killed, on the other hand he IS Neal's dad. LOL, yes Emma, PLEASE give Neal a second chance :)

    1. Lol yes!

      And Kara, you are so missing out by only watching the first season! Let me tell you, the characters get so good! Especially Rumplestilskin, I love his character!

      Hook has always had ulterior motives, but I do believe that he has a heart and is changing as well. BUT I still want Neal to get his second chance! He has his issues, but so does everyone else on the show!

      Thanks for commenting and giving me your opinion Kara:)

  2. I still like Hook the best. And Salyna, you will never convince me differently.

    1. I know, I know. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on this one. :P