Friday, July 12, 2013

Fancy Friday- Jealously Cute

I read this book, The Healer's Apprentice, not to long ago and really enjoyed it. Their was this part in it that I absolutely loved. It's a part where Wilhelm and Rose are at a party and Wilhelm's younger brother goes up to Rose and asks her for the next dance. Wilhelm couldn't do anything about it because he was playing music with the band that was there. I love Wilhelm's reaction... he got so jealous and I couldn't help feeling bad for him. But I also loved this part because it's where his feelings truly started to show for Rose. Here's the part so you can read it for yourself...

Wilhelm glanced up just in time to see Rose walk in. His jaw fell. Her hair, her dress, her face… She made everyone else in the room look pale and lifeless.

He’d better close his mouth before someone saw him staring.

Her gaze turned in his direction and he smiled to let her know he approved.

He suddenly realized that he had stopped playing in the middle of the song. He looked down and tried to concentrate on his lute. But his mind was filled with her image.

A pang of guilt stabbed him. He must stop this nonsense. It was unwise to… well, to even look at her.

He tried to concentrate on the music, but when he glanced up again, Rupert was striding from the other side of the room toward Rose. He reached her, bowed, and placed his hand over his heart. He must be asking her to dance. A knot tightened around Wilhelm’s chest.

So this is how jealousy feels.   – From The Healer’s Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson

Of course this would be the other way around- Two guys and one girl,
plus they would be a lot older, but you get the point.

Question Time!?

Have you ever had that feeling of being jealous? Or have you ever read a book with a jealousy scene that made your heart ache for say, "The Third Wheel"? If so, what book was it?

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